Professional Development


 UNL Spring Research Fair Graduate Poster Session held in April every year. See here for details and to register your poster! TWO students from "agricultural and life sciences" (including SNR) will receive a $400 grant.

Please check the Graduate Studies home page for up-to-date information about events that may be useful for you! Graduate Studies offers workshops on CV building, interviewing, dissertation writing, grant writing, and more!

For PhD Candidates , the Preparing Future Faculty might be a good option if you're interested in academia.

The Writing Center is offers free one-on-one consulting on writing to all members of the UNL community. Writing Center consultants work with undergraduate and graduate students on a wide variety of academic and creative writing projects as well as on resumes, cover letters, application essays for program or graduate school admissions. We work with faculty on writing assignment design as well as with faculty writing for publication. We also work with faculty to design Writing Center workshops tailored to meet the needs of particular courses where writing is being taught in the disciplines. We work with staff on both professional and personal writing projects.
 The Graduate Career and Professional Development website is a new online resource designed for graduate students to aid them in career planning, managing prospective careers, and developing the skills needed for professional and career advancement. The website is organized around four components: career planning (career pathways); career development (job search skills); instructional development; and professional development.  Students interested in academic and non-academic careers will find useful strategies for navigating career transitions.

Graduate Studies has  purchased a subscription to Versatile PhD, an online resource designed to help STEM, humanities, and social science PhDs identify, prepare for, and succeed in non-academic success.  Free access to premium content at Versatile PhD will be available to all UNL faculty, staff, graduate students and postdocs on September 1, 2014.

Relevant awards may be found at the Proposal Development page, with a listing of upcoming awards with deadlines.