Student's Rights


 As a student, you have rights, but you also have responsibilities. If you feel that you are being taken advantage of or being treated unfairly, you should attempt to resolve this first by communicating with your advisor or supervisor. If you are unsatisfied with the resolution, you should contact either the SNR Ombudsperson for graduate students (Robert Zink, cell: 612-590-4215; email: or the SNR Graduate Committee.

If you feel uncomfortable discussing your dispute within the School of Natural Resources, you may wish to talk with someone in the Office of Student Assistance.

Graduate students also have the right to use the UNL Grievance Policy for issues concerning professional conduct and also academic freedom (see sections 4.14 and 4.15 of the University of Nebraska Regents Bylaws). 

Guidelines for good practice in graduate education

Faculty Ethics and Students

According to the Faculty Ethics Statement, students have the right to be judged by their academic and/or work performance without regard to race, sex, religion, sexual preference, or marital status, and without intereference from personal relationships or bribery. According to this statement, faculty are also ethically obliged to give credit where it is due. Further, the relationship between teacher and student is to remain confidential, and avoid personal exploitation. Finally, when faculty accept the position of advisor to a student, they commit the necessary time and level of attention needed to complete the degree.

If you feel you are not being treated accordingly, you should discuss this with someone.