SNR Graduate Commitee


Information on the Graduate Commitees' roles can be found below, taken from the SNR bylaws:

6.2.4 Graduate Committees

SNR shall maintain graduate committees that provide oversight for, respectively, the degree program in natural resource sciences (administered by CASNR) and the degree program in geography (administered by CAS). The graduate committees shall collaborate and cooperate on all matters pertaining to graduate curriculum. 

The SNR graduate committee shall be composed of five faculty members and one graduate student. Four of the faculty members must have their graduate faculty home (as defined by graduate studies) in SNR. The fifth member may have a courtesy, adjunct, or partial appointment in SNR. Committee members shall be elected for staggered three-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms. The graduate student shall serve a one-year term. The SNR graduate student association shall recommend the graduate student representative to the committee.  The graduate committee will be responsible for approving the recommendation. This representative shall be on the committee for graduate policy and procedure matters, but will not be involved in admissions decisions, awarding of assistantships, reviews of graduate student academic performance or progress, and changes in graduate student status.
The graduate committee shall approve applications for admission to graduate study in the SNR graduate degree programs; review graduate student academic performance and progress at the request of the faculty advisor; recommend to faculty necessary changes in graduate student status; make recommendations pertaining to curricular changes in graduate courses; award graduate teaching assistantships; suggest and modify graduate degree programs and areas of specialization; modify, as needed, the SNR website on graduate student policies and procedures; and carry out other assignments as requested by the director. 
 See this useful document for understanding the role of Graduate Committees!

The current Graduate Chair is Daniel Snow.